Kill Kill Pussycat faster faster

Adventure 10/31/2011

Zipperhead and Lucky Bastard got the idea that they needed cash and were going to knock over a liquor store. Armed with two Militech Scratch-blasters, they went in and shot the clerk. Two minutes later they were hauling ass when they got into some real trouble. A group of Iron Sites were coming up the street and saw the two criminals charging them. Lead went flying and people got shot and blood was everywhere. This attracted an 800 year old vampire named Parcival. He ripped through the remaining combattants and Zipperhead got his head nearly ripped off. Lucky Bastard ran while the getting was good.

Three days later Zipperhead woke up in the morgue and had to escape. He now knows he is a vampire and hungry as hell. He killed some woman and then went to Lucky Bastards place to hide out. Jimbo showed up and they discussed their options. With a vamp on their side, the three decides to make a go at capturing a Trauma Team.

more next week…


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